Sunday, September 4, 2011

Water driven Cars using Hydrogen

Gone are the days when people used to think that running a car on water is an impossible dream. Experts have not only made this impossible dream come true, but have also been capable of using water as an alternative of gas, which has a lot of benefits of its own.

The engines of ordinary cars convert heat energy of gasoline into mechanical energy, which becomes the main driving force backing up all cars. Water, however, can be divided into HHO, better known as Brown's gas or Hydroxy, which includes hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio 2:1 and can power up the engine.

HHO, however, will not drive the use of gasoline completely null and void. It will only reduce gasoline consumption, thus saving a lot of money.

In order to use water as an alternative for gasoline, you will require a cuilt container for storing the water. Not only is this hydrogen generator reasonably priced, it can also be made by anybody just with the help of the guidelines of a water conversion manual. Being placed under the hood, the container will have to be connected with the car's battery, so that the battery in turn can use the electricity that is generated from the breaking down of water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules. One can rest assured that running a car on water in this way will have no negative effects on his car's value.

By virtue of running a car on water like this, one can enjoy the benefits of his car's mpg being improved. Whether the mpg increases by 25 or 50%, however, depends on the standard of the car. Another advantage of driving a car on water is that this process is immensely environment friendly, thus not contributing as much to air pollution as gasoline frequently does.

The use of water also ensures hydropower being converted into more horsepower than gasoline is normally believed to do. Water also helps in better maintenance of the engine as it runs smoother and quieter. It also helps in cleaning the engine as gasoline is burned much more resourcefully, thus leaving behind far lesser residues than gasoline itself normally does.

Running a car on water will also help a car owner to cut down on his financial expenditures, as he will be required to use gasoline to a far lesser extent than before, and will thus be subject to paying for only a little amount of gasoline, convenient enough for driving his car around.

Even though this might sound like a dream, this can actually be made possible, provided the user agrees to get acquainted with the mechanics which influence this process.
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