Monday, September 5, 2011

Homemade Solar Power - How to Make Solar Panels cheap!

As the cost of living continues to rise there is a increasing demand for alternative energy resources that can provide cleaner and more cost efficient results to consumers. You just have to look at gas and oil prices to realise that there is indeed a crisis amongst us.

But the problem doesn't not stop there!

Even the price of electricity is becoming unaffordable and thousands have resorted to turning off their power at certain times - but there is hope! Thanks to recent developments to solar energy research we now have a viable alternative to hydro electricity and provides savings of up to 80% on your Power Bill and contains no carbon emissions making it environmentally friendly.

Buying a Solar Power generator system can be very expensive depending on the size of your home and if you are seriously considering purchasing one expect to pay around $3000 upwards for a unit OR you can learn how to make solar panels and build one from scratch using materials that will cost you no more than $200.

The latter option is much cheaper and not really that hard to do if you have a good guide that can show you step by step how to construct a DIY Solar Panel.

The materials you need can be found in your home and at the local hardware store:

Solar cells that can be bought cheap
Copper wire
Sheets of glass

All the materials displayed above can be used to build a DIY solar panel that can output as much as a commercial system on the market. As mentioned before as long as you have a detailed easy to follow guide you'll have one made in no time.

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